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Outpost Iraq is one of approximately 50 Outposts worldwide, together forming Shell's Global Outpost organisation. The organisation is staffed by Shell partners and offers inside information and professional services on aspects related to assignments overseas. It supports employees, their partners and families facing the challenges of global mobility, striving to contribute to their professional and personal wellbeing.

Outpost Iraq Services

Assignments to Iraq are especially challenging since spouses (and families) are currently unable to accompany their partner to Iraq. Due to the varied employment arrangements (commuters, rotators, frequent business travelers, etc.) spouses (and families) are scattered worldwide, and are frequently required to cope alone for extended periods whilst their partners are working in Iraq. 

Outpost Iraq

Office hours: Sun to Thurs 8:30 to 12:30 Weekend: Fri/ Sat Dubai based office
Languages: English, Dutch
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