Who is eligible to join? 

All Shell employees (and their families) working in Iraq or on Iraq based projects.

One notable difference between Outpost Iraq and traditional Outpost organisations is that rather than serving a local population of expatriate families in a specific location, Outpost Iraq’s targeted population is scattered worldwide. The spouses and families of rotating and commuting staff live in numerous locations around the world. Additionally, some Iraq tasked employees, and their families, are located at different Shell locations including Dubai, Rijswijk, Bangalore, Japan, Aberdeen, and Houston, with only periodic travel to Iraq.

Irrespective of their geographical location, we invite all spouses and partners of Iraq tasked Shell employees to join our virtual global community.

Our objectives

Here at Outpost Iraq we recognise that spouses and families are unable to accompany their partners to Iraq to ‘see for themselves’ the working and living conditions associated with assignments in Iraq. Furthermore, the families of Iraq tasked employees are scattered worldwide. Outpost Iraq therefore offers a range of services aiming:

  • To provide comprehensive information related to working life in Iraq.
  • To connect the global community of spouses and families, enabling spouses to support one another and share experiences.
  • To help employees and their families respect and appreciate Iraqi culture

Our relationship with Outpost Dubai

Since many of the families of commuter staff are located in Dubai, Outpost Iraq will operate out of Dubai, alongside the local Outpost organisation, Outpost Dubai. However, since the populations these organisations serve, and the services they aim to provide differ significantly, Outpost Iraq has been established as a separate and distinct entity to Outpost Dubai. Nevertheless, this means that Iraq tasked Shell employees and their families based in Dubai can benefit from the complementary services of two Outpost organisations, eligible to register with both Outpost Dubai and Outpost Iraq!

Whilst Outpost Dubai provides employees and their families with non-contractual information related to living in Dubai and the local culture, Outpost Iraq will disseminate information about working in Iraq including cultural awareness. In particular Outpost Iraq will support Shell Iraq during the recruitment of new staff, including dial in information calls for spouses enabling families to make more informed decisions regarding whether to apply for or accept roles in Iraq. Thereafter, for employees and families moving to Dubai, Outpost Dubai will continue to offer the usual Meet and Greet services, whilst Outpost Iraq will connect virtually with spouses in other locations as well as supporting Outpost Dubai locally with specific queries relating to Iraq.

During an assignment, Outpost Dubai offer various services including regular communications through the monthly Newsletter, career and development support to spouses and numerous networking and social activities in Dubai. In contrast, Outpost Iraq’s long term support will be mainly virtual, administering an on-line Yammer network to support ongoing interactive communication between the global community members.  Occasional face to face information meetings will be held in Dubai focused on Iraq related topics.

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Outpost Iraq

Office hours: Sun to Thurs 8:30 to 12:30 Weekend: Fri/ Sat Dubai based office
Languages: English, Dutch
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